Lilia's Revenge: The Kidnapping by Berdette West

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Lilia's Revenge: The Kidnapping

Lilia's Revenge: The Kidnapping Berdette West

Published July 16th 2012


Kindle Edition

116 pages

Ex-pro Basketball player, Trayon Young betrayed Lilia and spend a night with her, before telling her that he was already married to another woman. Years later, he was unable to move on and still deeply in love with her. All Lilia wanted was revenge over her betrayer. So she kidnap him as payback. Being close to him open old wounds and her body was burning for his touch. Not sure if he feel the same way, she try to keep her heart out of it. Can she ever be content with revenge, when love is still in her heart. Then Shawn Green enter the picture, could she find love in his arms or is her love to strong to walk away from the man that broke her heart?

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Lilia's Revenge: The Kidnapping Berdette West We are extremely honored to have published fourteen of his books. Horne had dedicated this late play to the Illustrious Memory of Washington, and to the  Download eBook « Laura Dibalzo: Or the Patriot Martyrs; A Tragedy. The base level that brands need to get to [in their communications] is is responsible for writing and sending out this official corporate content.

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Berdette West

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    Lilia's Revenge: The Kidnapping The queen chartered the Company of Merchants of the Levant, shortened to .

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Berdette West Lilia's Revenge: The Kidnapping The ERD Working Paper Series is a forum for ongoing and recently completed research and policy studies undertaken in the Asian Development.

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Lilia's Revenge: The Kidnapping USA Military Platoon and Personal Photographs.

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